Who made the game?

We are Dario Reinhardt and Fabian Fischer (blog). We are video game designers by trade. However, we happen to love playing and creating board and card games whenever we find the time.

For Crimson Company, we were lucky to be able to collaborate with the incredibly talented graphic artist Janna Sophia. Check out her portfolio!

Why make a card game?


While we love games like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone and Gwent, we also see some flaws in them. We think we can do better when it comes to delivering a truly skill-based, yet fast-paced and accessible head-to-head challenge.


Specifically, our design goals were:

  • emphasizing strengths while minimizing weaknesses of comparable games
  • providing intense and short 1v1 matches
  • building the game around an elegant core system
  • offering truly skill-based gameplay with luck playing a very minor role
  • using fair randomness to make every match feel different from the previous one
  • creating level playing fields with no private card collections or pre-constructed decks

Learn more about how the game came to life in our behind-the-scenes game design article!