Earth 2053: Tipping Point (Prototype)

Earth 2053: Tipping Point is a a game where 1-4 players represent countries working together to prevent a global climate catastrophe. The main scoring happens on a physical seesaw board where "prevention" tokens are placed on one side and "pollution" tokens on the other. Filling the prevention side lets all players win (with optional placements based on who contributed the most). However, if the board tips towards the pollution side, all players lose: Find out more!

Crimson Company - The Ultimate Duel Card Game

In Crimson Company, two opposing players take on the roles of adventurous noblemen in a cut-throat fantasy world. In a battle of wits, they assemble armies of sellswords, from hardened warriors and shady merchants to mythical creatures as old as time. Your goal in a match of Crimson Company is to conquer two of the three castles in the center. You conquer a castle by amassing more strength than your opponent in the castle's lane by the time that lane is scored. Find out more!

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"Like Chess and Magic had a baby!"

Crimson Company is an intense 20-minute duel about drafting an army of sellswords. It involves deep strategic as well as tactical decisions, crazy combos and gut-wrenching mind games.



You get the accessibility of all the card games you love, but combined with the competitive nature and depth of Chess. There's very little luck involved. Everything will come down to who made the better decisions!



Instead of holding a hand of cards, everything happens right on the board. Both players compete for the same deck and the same selection of sellswords and try to assemble stronger combinations of cards than their opponent.



There are many different sellsword characters in the game, each featuring their own unique artwork and special ability! Every match will differ from the one before and you will have to plan out your strategy on the fly each time.



The choices you make during a match are what determines your success! The outcome of the game does not depend on who has the "bigger collection" and there are no good or bad pre-determined matchups!

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