The Ultimate Duel Card Game

"Like Chess and Magic had a baby!"

Crimson Company is an intense 20-minute duel revolving around the novel concept of board-drafting. Both players use their coins to compete for the same pool of 30 unique sellsword cards, only four of them being on offer at a time.


One of the deepest skills lies in estimating the value of each card given the current situation. This is quite difficult, since valuations can changes dramatically every single turn. The mind games when it comes to guessing how valuable your opponent will deem a card are gut-wrenching!


After buying a card, you immediately play it in one of the three lanes indicated by the three castles in the center of the battlefield. Each card has an unique effect that has the potential to change the course of the game. Once a player has assembled four sellsword in front of one castle, the combined strength of all sellswords on both sides are compared. The goal is to conquer two of the three castles.


For more details on how to play, visit our rules section.


 What's in the game?

  • Three castles - Conquer them to win the game!
  • 30 unique sellswords - Hire them to build an army!
  • 40 coins - Be careful not to overpay!


When is the release?

We are planning to print a first edition of the game during summer 2018. Before that we're running a print-and-play campaign on Kickstarter to collect some final feedback.


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