"Your strategy is going to change every time you play!"

Roll For Crit


"There's a lot of interesting decisions and every decision really matters!"

Meeple Town


"Overall it's a very, very good game!"

Unfiltered Gamer


"It’s a fantastic little game, a MOBA in a box!"

The Kwaranteen


"An incredible amount of depth in terms of tactics and strategy!"

Board to Death


"The game has a lot of ways to achieve victory!"

Beaver Games


"It's a lot of fun!"

Failroad Express


"fast and fun, and a great 2-player game"

Ryan and Bethany


"a wonderful 2-player game"

Tabletop Gaming Guild


"A really fun game you can teach pretty much anybody!"

Die Rollin'


"Really fun, fast and easy to play!"

The Nerd Shelves


 "Easily one of the best small-box games I’ve played"


"The tug-of-war affair in this small box is engrossing and definitely feels larger than the sum of its parts."


"You’ll find yourself forced to make some quite difficult choices."
"Crimson Company is a successful debut game for the two German authors."
"Great replay value for a small box game."



"I like the aspect of trying to get in someone's head!"

Blog Spelletjes Enzo


"I have no negative feedback for this game." 

Meeple Eksyen


"Intense 20 minute long battles easily have that one-more-game feeling about them." 



"Crimson Company is turning out to be one of the best 2 player games I’ve played for a very long time." 



"This game will happily take a place amongst my collection of two player games." 

Game Nite Magazine (Issue #41)


"The game is small and fast, but deceptively deep!" 

Play It Yourself


"A very good 2-player game due to its competitive nature, especially if you like aggressive games!"


"Straight-forward, simple, fun!"


"The depth of strategy that is found within the game was something that was not expected at all"

Expansion: The Other Side

"A strong addition to an already great game!"

"Very fun game!"
"The variety of abilities makes it a lot more strategic!"
"So many new combo possibilities!"
"It really allows each game to be different!"
Collector's Box (+ Ragnarok Expansion)
"Could be considered for one of the best 2-player games of the year!"

The Dice Tower


"you'll be figuring out clever combinations for a long, long time"
"My final take? I love it."
Expansion: Wildwood Tales
"You're gonna have a different game every time you play!"

Die Rollin'